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21/11/2016 - Following the Scheme's Actuarial Valuation in 2015 the valuation report has now been issued to all members of the Scheme. Scheme Funding Update .

21/11/2016 - Pensioners pay for December will be paid on the 22nd December.

31/08/2016 - Deferred members have a statutory right to ask for one transfer value statement in any 12 month period. The Trustees charge £250 for any subsequent transfer values requested within a 12 month period.

Welcome to the Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme

The Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme is a trust based occupational pension scheme designed to provide valuable pension benefits for its members. As at 30 June 2015 the pension fund had an asset value of close to £2.3 billion and a membership of 20,583 in three different Final Salary Sections (Pearl, London Life and NPI) and one Money Purchase Section.

This website is designed to provide information for the scheme’s members, Trustees and Administrators.


This area of the site is dedicated to information applicable to members of the scheme.


This area of the site contains trustee documents and information.


This part of the site is for the Scheme Administrators to manage the site.

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Scheme Administrators

The Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme is administered by First Actuarial LLP. To visit their website please click on the image below:

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