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21/03/2017 - PENSION INCREASES 2017 - The increase to pensions in payment from April 2017, in line with the Rules of the Scheme is 3.2%. The statutory increase to the Post 88 GMP this year will be 1.0%. The increase confirmation letters will be posted by 7th April. If you have any queries on pension increases there is a Questions and Answers document available on the website here.

02/03/2017 - Each year the Trustees of the Scheme produce a short report that contains a summary of the Annual Report & Accounts for the Scheme and details of any current Scheme issues. A copy of the latest Short Report recently issued to members can be found here.

21/11/2016 - Following the Scheme's Actuarial Valuation in 2015 the valuation report has now been issued to all members of the Scheme. Scheme Funding Update .

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