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22/07/2020 - The trustees of the Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme have appointed The Tracing Group to help locate pension scheme members they have lost touch with. If you receive a letter from The Tracing Group you can be confident this is genuine and not a scam. If you would like further reassurance, you can check with First Actuarial, the scheme’s administrators. Further information can be found by clicking here.

25/03/2020 - PENSION INCREASES 2020 - The increase to pensions in payment from April 2020, in line with the Rules of the Scheme is 2.5%. The statutory increase to the Post 88 GMP this year will be 1.7%. The increase confirmation letters are planned to be posted by 17th April but we will update the web site if this is likely to change due to the current situation with Corona Virus. If you have any queries on pension increases there is a Questions and Answers document available on the website here.

17/03/2020 - Coronavirus Update - As you are aware the changes being implemented to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak are having an effect on all industries. During this difficult period you can of course still request information on your pension in the Pearl Group Staff Pension Scheme, but we would appreciate it if members could either refrain from making non-urgent requests or specify the urgency when you make the request. We normally aim to process all requests within 8 working days, however, please note that during this difficult period we are prioritising work to ensure that new pensions are set up, urgent payments are made and existing pensioners continue to be paid on time. If your request is not urgent or time critical it may take longer than normal for us to provide the information requested. We would appreciate it if you do not chase for non-urgent information during this time. Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding.

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